2017 Changes

If at first you don’t succeed; try, try again.

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on the blog. I think I warned people that I might well go long times between posts. If not, I apologize because I should have.

2017 turned out to be a pretty lousy year on so many levels. It started off with me unemployed and my best friend/housemate breaking her ankle. Not just breaking her ankle, but breaking it in the 2nd worse way it’s possible to break an ankle. That resulted in us swapping living spaces (she got my ground floor apt, I took her 2nd story), along with her being unable to basically function for roughly 2-3 months. Oh, and I got a temp job that started three days after she broke her ankle. Yeah.

That job lasted roughly two months, then I was unemployed again. Which was good for helping her with her ankle, tough on all money fronts. And as many people know, the less money, the more stress. The more stress, the less creativity.

It took a little while to get another temp job, this one lasting six months. It was a high-mental-stress job, and I came home mentally exhausted pretty much every day. That job ending was both a blessing and a problem, because I’m presently unemployed yet again.

My previous times without gainful employment has proven that we can barely survive on what we have coming in from various sources. I’ve signed up with a number of temp companies and a head hunter, but jobs aren’t forthcoming. Thus, I made a decision that I wasn’t certain I wanted to, but now that I’ve made it, I’m committing to it.

I’ve opened a page on Patreon.com: Deleyan’s Patreon page. I am committing to writing every day (but Sunday), regardless of whatever else is happening. In the last week, I’ve added roughly 15 pages to the book in progress. For those patroning me for at least $3.00, I’m giving snippets from each day’s writing.

It’s kinda frightening to ask people to patron my work. That anyone has agreed already is humbling, that someone believes in me and mine that much. But I possess a very strong work ethnic, so this is now the day job, this is what’s bringing in however much money, and I will endeavor to give what I’ve promised.

And so, there might well be more blog posts and I move forward in this full-time writing mode. While I’ve been unemployed before in my life, I’ve never really treated writing like a money job, giving it all the effort and dedication that I have any other job I’ve taken in my life. Here’s to doing my damnedest here as I have every other job.

I’m dedicated to writing the Magical Crime Unit series. This world was created in my short story Alchemy of a Murder and is expanding into a series of novels and other short stories. I’ll likely post more about it as I canoodle world, plot and writing Mysteries set in an Urban Fantasy world.

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