The World of The Magical Crimes Unit

My shorthand summary of the world is: “A magical Pittsburgh where there’s trolls under all the bridges, werewolves are your neighbors and many goblins are lawyers.”

It’s catchy, but when writing, there’s more to creating the world than that.

Sure, those things exist, but are they considered people or not? If they are people there’s so many hows to consider: How are they people? How are they accepted and dealt with? How does that change the modern world we live in today? How has that impacted the history of the world? How do I handle people’s natural racism and prejudice?

Considering I want to pretty much write the modern world with magic, I had to think about how this would change things, yet allow it to stay fundamentally the same as the Pittsburgh and the US that we know.

Quick answer: Yes, they are people. They’re part of the Human Race. They are not Homo Sapiens Sapiens, of course, but they are human. The human race has actual other races in this world.

Which makes the root of racism much more valid than it is in real life. They’re not Homo Sapiens Sapiens, after all, as modern humans are. Humanity doesn’t have to look for excuses to feel superior than others in skin tone, religion or region of origin. Racism is actually against other races in this world.

Simple facts blow big holes in my mind every time.

Now I admit, I’m not the fastest worldbuilder I know, but I have learned a great deal from one of the best worldbuilders I know. It’s taken a while, and I think I’ve gotten the kernels correct, so it’s time to start growing the world beyond the first few written stories.

Since I brought it up, these books aren’t about racism. That topic is one of the hot buttons in today’s news, so it will come to mind. In this fictional Pittsburgh, USA, racism is the same as it is today, but different. A few people out there are rabid racists against one or more race that isn’t theirs. and are generally loud and obnoxious about it. There are stereotypes that exist about all human races that are just accepted without general questions (and, yes, Hollywood hasn’t helped those matters there too–no reason to change that). But the average person just deals with people as people and has problems with individuals, not entire races. That’s my experience in real life, so it’s translated into the world.

If you would like to read more about the world, the races of Human, and have me answer questions, consider patroning me at Patreon.

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