Writing is Frustrating

Everyone has their own style of getting words out of their head. I used to say “onto paper”, but that’s not generally how I work anymore, though occasionally I still do it. Anyway, everyone has their own way of doing it.

Some very fortunate people can sit down and start writing at the beginning, go all the way through to the end and get a first draft.

I used to be fortunate. I’m not anymore. But, then, I wasn’t usually thrilled with what I came up with when I was done, so I guess I wasn’t that fortunate after all.

Nowadays, I write a few hundred, maybe even a few thousand words. Then I realize something I forgot, so I go back and rewrite a portion. Then I write a bit more, then I realize I’d started everything too early or too late, so I have to write the more correct beginning. Which usually requires some amount of rewriting of the previous beginning so it works. Assuming I can use the previous beginning, of course.

Then I get to write some more, before I realize I’d forgotten this particular scene bit, so I have to rewrite again. Then I can write some more. Maybe a lot more. It differs.

At some point, a major character will suddenly *CLICK* in my head. That’s how I discover characters, by writing them in context, you see. Then I have to go back to the beginning and rewrite everything having to do with that character, which usually impacts everything else around it. Hopefully, I don’t have to change the main plot points a lot in that rewrite. Hopefully.

Repeat that step for every major character that suddenly goes *CLICK*–which could be every major character.

Adjust that step for every world/plot realization that happens because, yeah, sometimes my creative mind will just throw things into my conscious mind that make me stop and be amazed. However, there are many times when I go back to rewrite to set that up and discover that all the set-up is already there, I just hadn’t been conscious of it before that moment.

I’ve learned to trust my creative mind, but it’s not very good at giving me these things at the START of the process. Which is why it’s a step or two forward, then go back, then forward, then back, then forward some more.

It’s a highly frustrating process, I admit. But it creates good stories, so I deal with the frustration as best I can, day to day.

Though I do think back when writing was straightforward, just dumping words on the page and miss the ease of it. What’s the phrase? No pain, no gain? Apparently that applies to writing too.

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  1. June

     /  December 28, 2017

    Me too


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